About Us

Vitamin D Supplement.com offers peer reviewed articles on Vitamin D to help you understand the importance of this crucial vitamin to your health. This website is also intended to break down and review every Vitamin D supplement currently on the market and provide information about the quality of such supplements not found anywhere online. Some sites offer access to this information as a subscription, we’re going to offer this information to you, free.

The supplements we would recommend to our own family have been carefully researched so that your body can absorb them – this is known as bioavailability. Additionally there must be quality control testing to ensure that the final product matches the label and is free of contaminants.

Purity and potency sums up our product recommendation philosophy and with my proprietary formula for determining the best supplements, you’ll be better informed.

I’m David McMahon, the founder of Solana Health, I have spent 15 years in the medical and pharmaceutical industries and I have brought that expertise to reviewing quality, natural supplement products.